The Taku Group of Companies is a dynamic collection of Taku owned LP’s that are leaders in their fields of endeavor.

The synergies of the group provide our citizens and clients with diverse services and allow us to create eco friendly projects, events and experiences for both our local community and our neighbors.

Since our inception, we have continued to take great pride in what has been delivered for our clients and by their responses to the contribution we have made in helping them realize their goals.

But what drives us is not our record of achievement. Rather, we are motivated by the challenges of new possibilities, of bolder projects and by a desire to do what others believe is unachievable.

The Taku Group of Companies has evolved significantly to be a sophisticated and multifaceted group with an enhanced capacity. Its skillset has diversified from architecture, construction and providing a delicious branded fish food business to incorporated industries such as hydro electric energy production and more.

This maturation has coincided with the Hyrdo Electic expansion opportunity.

The Taku Group of Companies is invested in its clients, its people and its projects. It is a socially responsible, an equal opportunity employer and fiercely proud of the contribution of its multi-cultural work force.

We thank you for your interest in the Taku Group of Companies. And we welcome you to connect with our people for career opportunities with us.