James Williams

James Williams was born under the Alaskan skies of Juneau in 1949, named Khidudâ (James Williams) proudly hails from a lineage of the Taku River Tlingit Matriarch Sedaya (Elisabeth Nyman) and Khus’exh (Steven Williams). Dedicating his life as a loving husband and committed father, James has held the distinguished title of Wolf Clan leader for the TRTFN since 2013. As an established business individual and mentor, James gained a considerable reputation for his contributions to his community. His enduring strength and character, however, were profoundly tested during his early years when he endured the painful experience at a Canadian residential school.  Yet, from the depths of his healing, he emerged with a profound commitment to guiding others on their paths to recovery.

As an Elder, he generously shares wisdom, offering solace and support to those who have endured similar traumatic events.  His earnest dedication to healing and guiding others manifests itself powerfully in his current responsibilities as an elder and leader within the TRTFN community. James shares his wisdom and time supporting those who seek healthier means of recuperating from traumatic experiences. He teaches that strength of character comes from discipline, kindness and listening to the wisdom of nature. 

Beyond his role as an Elder, James remains an invaluable asset to the Board of Directors at the Taku Group of Companies. His wealth of community leadership enriches the board, fostering a bridge between his experiences and the community’s aspirations. He is resolute in his mission to ensure that the legacy and history of his people are honored and preserved for generations to come.