Lee Francoeur

Lee Francoeur, President CEO of TAKU Group of Companies in 2022, brings over twenty-five years of legal profession and social acumen to his role.  Lee has been a driving force behind the organization’s mission to create sustainable economic
development and empower individuals within the community. Lee has always been
passionate about his people in Atlin, being born a “ Wolf Clan” member and
deeply connected to the people and the land of Atlin, British Columbia.

Lee Francoeur is a respected leader in both corporate and academic spheres.  Prior to joining Taku Group of Companies, Lee enjoyed a successful 12-year career as a lawyer at Eagle Law Group, operating as a self-employed legal practitioner.  While
navigating diverse and multifarious issues with his legal practice, Lee also served as an Adjunct Professor of Law and Advisor to the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary. This role showcased his commitment to education and the development of future Indigenous Legal Professionals.  Passionate about student recruitment and mentoring; and an integral support to other Professors to incorporate Indigenous content in their curriculum.  Lee also worked extensively with the Haskayne School of Business to develop a joint Indigenous business and law program.

In addition to Lee Francoeur’s professional experience, Lee is an embodiment of intellect and charisma, effortlessly employing his astuteness, education, and innate talent for eloquence when confronting complex and challenging subjects. His life
experience serves as the backbone of his discussions, while his passion acts as
a magnetic force, drawing in listeners and paving the way for compelling
conversations. With a remarkable finesse for his people, he navigates complex
topics with grace, his words intricately woven into persuasive arguments that
both captivate and enlighten those engaged in dialogue with him. Lee’s unique
blend of eloquence and experience transforms the most arduous discussions into
captivating exchanges, leaving a lasting impact on all fortunate enough to
engage with him.