Richard Burgess

Richard Burgess, Chief Administrative Officer for the Taku Group of Companies, appointed in 2023, where he leverages over two decades of experience in the resource industry. His journey began in Ontario, but it was in beautiful British Columbia where his passion for the outdoors truly flourished. Having called Atlin, BC, home for the past eight years and residing in the province for a total of twenty-six years, Richard has cultivated a deep appreciation for the land and its people. Being a local Atlin, BC resident and a strong community member has allowed Richard to build and foster relationships with TRTFN members and the local Atlin community.

His educational background in Natural Resource Law Enforcement and as a Fish and Wildlife Technician reflects his commitment to understanding and safeguarding the delicate balance between industry needs and environmental conservation. Richard’s career spans across the oil and gas and mining sectors, where he’s honed his expertise and leadership in navigating the complex terrain of resource management.

Richard is more than an accomplished executive; he’s an advocate for land preservation. He actively serves as the President of the Brewery Bay Marina and holds the esteemed position of President within the Placer Miners Association, channeling his dedication to preserving the natural beauty of British Columbia’s landscapes while fostering sustainable practices within the industry. His multifaceted commitment to both business acumen and environmental stewardship embodies a rare blend of leadership and passion.

Beyond the boardroom, Richard’s heart lies in the great outdoors. An avid fishing and hunting enthusiast, he finds solace and joy in exploring the vast landscapes of BC. Whether it’s navigating its serene waters waiting for the perfect catch, or engaging in sports like hockey, football, and baseball, Richard’s connection to nature fuels his spirit.