Vernon Williams

Da Yawk (Vernon Williams), is the child of Kaushee (Emma Jack) and Jigê (Jackie Williams) In the 1990s, he was requested by his own Crow Clan to take on the role of their leader. Vernon’s time at a residential school erased his ability to speak his people’s language. Yet, he maintained a strong belief “our culture is our identity, and it’s only by truly embracing and practicing it that we can hear our ancestors’ voices. If we don’t, we risk forgetting who we are altogether“ which he echo’s throughout his leadership. As the determined leader of the Crow Clan, he consistently motivates his fellow clan members to stay devoted to their Tlingit way of life, known as Haa Kusteeyi.

Da Yawk is not just a leader on land, but also on water. As a fisherman, he’s mastered the art of Haa Atx̲aayi Haa K̲usteeyix̲ Sitee on the mighty Taku’s robust waters. He passed on this knowledge to his daughters, teaching them how to fish, harvest, and take care of the Salmon.  He brings a wealth of knowledge, passion and respect to our board and is highly esteemed on the shores of the Taku River and within our Taku Group of Companies leadership team.

Da Yawk takes immense pride in the traditions and legacy he’s been able to acutely preserve and transfer to his children and community.